The Japanese wreck Amed is one of the 3 wreck dives Abyss Dive Center Bali offers to its divers. Located 7 kilometers away from our office, in Banyuning, divers will find this cornerstone of Amed’s diving at a depth of 10 meters. Considering the fact that it is that shallow, the Japanese wreck of Amed is a popular snorkeling site. Driving around Amed, you’ll see many signs pointing you in its direction. The bay in which this ship once sunk also has a beautiful beach made of black coarse volcanic sand full of traditional Balinese fishing boats, the jukungs.

History of the Japanese Wreck

An aura of mystery surrounds this dive site of Amed. There are several theories explaining the presence and the name of the Japanese shipwreck in the bay of Banyuning. The first one is that « Japanese » is actually a deformation of the word « Javanese”, designating the island where this ship might actually be from, Java. It is said to be a fishing boat that wandered on this side of Bali while looking for some good catch. Considering how much closer from Bali this island is, it would indeed make a lot of sense. Another theory is that it is the wreck of a Japanese patrol ship sunk during the Second World War. Given the presence of victims of this war in the area, like the USAT Liberty, it is also a strong possibility. But some theories are more harebrained. Some people will tell you that the origin of the ship is unknown but that its name comes from the presence of Japanese style toilets aboard. So feel free to take your pick on this matter!

What will I encounter when diving on the Japanese wreck?

If the wreck itself isn’t as spectacular as the USAT Liberty, the reef that surrounds it and the wildlife that inhabits it simply breathtaking. When diving on the Japanese Wreck of Amed, your eye will first be caught by the thousands of damselfish dancing endlessly around it. If you take a closer look, you’ll be able to observe pygmy seahorses that live in the multiple sea fans that have grown on the wreck. And these sea fans are the most beautiful ones you can see in all of Amed’s dive sites. Tiny hairy crabs and candy crabs can also be spotted, providing that you have good eyesight. Trevallies, sweetlips, leaf scorpionfish, lionfish, blue-spotted lagoon rays and barracudas will also be there to accompany you during this dive on the Japanese wreck of Amed.


Can I dive on the Japanese wreck?

Any certified diver is welcome to come diving on the Japanese wreck with Abyss Dive Center Bali. The Japanese wreck is the perfect place for a fun dive and we often take our guests to admire this major dive site of Amed. Moreover, it is part of our Shipwrecks Package. In one day, Abyss Dive Center Bali takes you to explore the 3 iconic shipwrecks of the Northeastern part of Bali, the Boga shipwreck, in Kubu, the USAT Liberty wreck, in Tulamben, and, finally, the Japanese wreck of Amed. Check out our Dive Packages offers to find out more!

However, due to the presence of currents, we won’t be able to take non-certified divers to the Japanese wreck of Amed for a Discover Scuba Dive in Amed.

Diving conditions

Abyss Dive Center Bali will take you to dive on the Japanese wreck of Amed any time of the year, providing that the weather conditions are suitable. Thanks to its unique location in Bali, Amed is protected from the wind, the swell and the rain most of the time. So don’t hesitate to contact us to book a dive on the Japanese wreck of Amed at all times. The water temperature between 27°C and 30°C will ensure you’ll get to enjoy a dive in Amed in perfect conditions.