You’re passionate about the underwater world and you’ve always dreamt about diving in Bali? As you may or may not know, the best place to dive in Bali is located along the coast between the villages of Amed and Tulamben, in the Northeastern part of the island. The marine biodiversity there is beyond compare, making this place a definite must-see for any passionate diver.

With its world-famous dive sites, like the USAT Liberty or the Tulamben drop-off, Bali has a lot to offer to divers. so much that it would be a shame for anyone to stop at only one dive when visiting. Therefore, Abyss Dive Center Bali has put together several Dive Packages for you to be able to experience all that this wonderful place has to offer.

Non-certified divers Package 

You’re planning a holiday in Bali and you think it would be a perfect opportunity for you to start diving? Maybe you’ve done a few introductory dives and you feel ready for the next step? Well, with Abyss Dive Center Bali, the more the merrier! Come get your Open Water certification with your better half, friends or family, to benefit from a great offer! This course can be taught in English, Spanish, and French.

Open Water certification for 2 people: 310€* per person

Open Water certification for 3 people: 300€* per person

Open Water certification for 4 people: 290€* per person

Moray eel in Pyramids

Certified divers Packages 

You’ve already done your fair share of diving and you feel ready to come and have a blast in Amed and Tulamben? Abyss Dive Center Bali has plenty of options for you to have a great diving experience in the unofficial diving capital of Bali.

  • Discovery Package

Whether you just got your Open Water certification or that you’ve been diving for years, this Discovery Package will allow you to go explore the best sites the Amed-Tulamben region has to offer.

There are 3 things this region is famous for, shipwrecks, drop-offs, and muck dives. Depending on your diving capacities, we offer you a Dive Package combining all three in just one day! A great way to see the best this area has to offer when it comes to diving, in a limited time.

3 dives/1 day/1 300k IDR

  • Shipwrecks Package

If shipwrecks are the one thing that makes your heartbeat when going diving, this Package is made for you! In one day, we will take you to explore the three best wrecks of the area, the USAT Liberty wreck, the Boga wreck, and the Japanese wreck.

The USAT Liberty is a WWII shipwreck known all around the world for its vivid wildlife and its accessibility. The Boga shipwreck is the most recent wreck of the area, sunk on purpose for divers, and destined to be as great as the USAT Liberty once it will have been colonized entirely by underwater inhabitants. The Japanese wreck is a small fishing boat famous for its thousands of damselfish and the beauty of its surrounding reef.

This Package is only available for Advanced Open Water divers, CMAS level 2 divers, PE-40 divers, or more certified divers, considering the depth and water temperature of the Boga shipwreck. Not certified enough to enjoy these dives? Check out our dive courses and consider getting your Advanced Open Water or Level 2 with us!

3 dives/1 day/1 300k IDR

  • Super Fun Dive Package

If the main reason why you’ve decided to come to Bali is to have a diving holiday, look no further, this dive Package has been awaiting you all along! As you may have seen on this website, we offer a rather wide range of dive sites to explore. If you want to take your pick and enjoy most of them, we offer two options for you to get the best of the Amed-Tulamben region, diving wise:

6 dives = 10% off

10 dives = 15% off

Muck dives, wreck dives, night dives, drift dives, the choice is yours, depending on the sea conditions and your dive capacities.

USAT Liberty wreck

All our dive packages are only available during the low season, from the 1st of December to the 31st of March

* prices will vary depending on the current XE rates