Abyss Dive Center Bali will offer you a wide range of dive sites in Amed and Tulamben to visit, mainly located on Bali’s northeastern coast. Yearly diving conditions are almost always perfect as Amed’s coast is protected from wind and swell. Water temperature varies from 26° to 31°C, underwater visibility can be up to 40m and most dive sites in Amed and Tulamben are accessible from the shore.

However, some of our dive sites require a short boat trip to be reached. And the story behind that is actually worth knowing. In Amed and Tulamben, no dive center owns its own dive boat. The reason? The fishermen of this area have made a deal with the divers, they have to rent the services of the fishermen to get to the dive sites, and in exchange, the fishermen don’t fish there. It’s actually a very nice balance between the livelihood of both parties and it helps preserve both the Balinese culture and the Balinese underwater wildlife. Abyss Dive Center Bali obviously respects greatly the local community and that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of getting on a jukung, one of the traditional fishing boats of Bali with an experienced boat driver when going diving.

At Abyss Dive Center Bali, we offer different types of dive sites in Amed and Tulamben to suit your desires and diving capacities. There are 4 main types of dive sites accessible around Amed and Tulamben. Do you feel like combining some of them to get the full Bali diving experience? Check out our Dive Packages! Not certified enough to reach the dive site of your dreams? Why not consider getting a diving certification with Abyss Dive Center Bali?

Diving with turtles in Amed

The opportunity to dive on the most famous shipwrecks of Indonesia

At Abyss Dive Center Bali, we offer 3 different sites of shipwrecks, the USAT Liberty, the Boga, and the Japanese wreck. Diving on the USAT Liberty is an experience any accomplished diver owe to do once in their life! It is currently the most popular shipwreck of the whole of Indonesia. But the other two are also worth more than a quick look! Your heart started racing when you read this? Then maybe you should consider hitting us up for our special Shipwreck Package, allowing you to dive all three wrecks in just one day, and for a very attractive price!

The best muck dive sites of Bali

Muck diving is a rather popular form of diving in Bali. Not familiar with it? Muck diving consists of diving close to the seabed, where you’ll find muck, a mixture of coral skeletons, seaweed, and fish waste. This peculiar environment is home to a great variety of tiny sea organisms such as crustaceans and nudibranchs, juvenile fish, and small octopi. Muck diving is especially popular among photographers and is filled with unusual encounters. Want to know more? Check out our dive sites list or drop us an email.


The thrill of Drift Diving

If it is Drift Dives that you enjoy the most, let us tell you that you knocked on the right door! Bali is most renowned for its many drift diving sites. Indeed, what could be a better feeling than to let gentle currents carry you as you observe great marine wildlife? At Abyss Dive Center Bali, all you have to do is get aboard a jukung and let us take you to the Drift diving sites most suited to your desires and diving capacities.

The underwater museums of Bali

As opposed to many places where you can dive around the world, one of Bali’s particularities is that local diving associations enjoy sinking statues and sculptures in the sea to enliven the seabed and to be used by the marine wildlife as home. Therefore, if you come diving with Abyss Dive Center Bali, you’ll likely come across these unusual landscapes. The most famous dive sites of this nature are located in Amed for the most part.

So, are you ready to come getting the best diving experience you can ever get in Bali?