You are looking for a dive school in Amed that will give you the opportunity to Discover Scuba Diving? Or you decided to take your first step towards a scuba diving course in Bali in order to be able to dive everywhere in the world?

Abyss Dive Center Bali in Amed offers different options suited to your level to allow you to discover or discover again, the wonders of the aquatic world of Bali’s North-East coast. Diving in Bali is a must-do when on holidays here!

Already certified? Our instructors and dive guides will take you diving every day on the dive site of your choice, depending on your diving capacity and sea conditions.

Introductory dive

It is your first time underwater, or you’re not certified yet? We will first offer you the possibility to discover the Coral Garden dive site. This incredibly beautiful dive site can be found between a 0 and 6-meter depth and has a gentle sandy slope which will allow you to get accustomed to the equipment while discovering the underwater weightlessness.

We will then offer to take you to a second dive on the famous U.S.A.T Liberty shipwreck, immersed between 3 and 30 m, found at the foot of Mount Agung and lying on a black sand bottom. You will have the opportunity to meet the incredible fauna and flora of the wreck diving at a maximum depth of 12 m.

It’s the first step toward a diving certification in Bali.

2 dives / 1 day / 1 200k IDR

Fun dives

Already certified? A wide range of dive sites are available to you, drift, wreck, deep, night, macro, etc. We will suggest suitable dive sites depending on your diving capacity and experience so you can fully and safely enjoy the underwater wonders of Bali.

2 dives / 1 day / 900K IDR (shore dives)

2 dives / 1 day / 1 000K IDR (drift dives)


You are certified but haven’t dived for a long time. You need a refresher course. We will refresh your diving knowledge and skills before taking you for dives on the most beautiful sites around.

2 dives / 1 day / 1 000K IDR

Diving courses and certifications

Open Water

This first scuba diving certification will allow you to dive between 0 and 18 m. Various teaching material will be used during this course (DVDs, books, theory lessons) in order to improve your skills and knowledge safely.

3 days/ 1 confined water + 4 open water dives / 320 euros*

Advanced Open Water

Regarded as an Open Water upgrade, this certification will allow you to choose 3 theme dives amongst a selection (wreck, drift, boat, night, computer, fish ID, photography …) that will be added to 2 mandatory dives: deep and navigation. After those 5 dives, you will be able to dive down to 30 m.

2 days / 5 dives / 300 euros*

Rescue Diver

This course is dedicated to teaching you how to rescue one or more divers. During this course, you will learn how to identify problems, solve them, and act consequently. This certification will teach you the importance of planning your dive, and help you sharpen your technique, especially regarding safety underwater.

2 days / 4 dives / 300 euros*

Emergency First Response

This course is the finishing touch of the Rescue Diver course. It will teach you how to rescue someone on dry land. Whether an accident occurs during a dive or not, you will learn how to provide first aid to someone in need. From applying a splint to perform CPR, from oxygen therapy to calling emergency services, this program alternates between theoretical and practical learning.

1 day / 150 euros*


Divemaster is the first step in the scuba diving professional world, it is the Sino-American equivalent of a diver’s group leader. It will allow you to supervise certified divers, assist an instructor during courses, and find your place in a dive center. Among other things, you will learn how to demonstrate skills, how to give dive briefings and you will also improve your rescue techniques in order to become a scuba diving professional.

1 month / unlimited dives / 990 euros*

* prices will vary depending on the current XE rates