Amed refers to the coastal area alongside the village of Culik including the seven villages of Amed, Aas, Banyuning, Selang, Lipah, Bunutan, and Jemeluk. Life there is calm and easy going and the landscape uniquely beautiful, making Amed the perfect place for chilled-out holidays in Bali.

Amed has known a rather recent touristic development. Tar has been laid out on the roads in 2000. Phone lines have been installed in 2003 and a bridge was built to prevent the main road to be flooded during the rainy season only in 2007.

Amed and its surroundings

Amed's beach

Dive sites around Amed


Starting from Jemeluk beach, this dive site is used to discover scuba dives and dive courses. It is also a renowned snorkeling spot. This dive site starts on a strip of sand of about 50 meters, between a 1 and 5 m depth. This allows beginner divers to get accustomed to the equipment, to practice some skills in shallow water, and to indulge in the pleasure of diving. Following the sandy strip, we reach a 200 m long coral garden between a 2 and 10 m depth. The fauna and flora are particularly appreciated by all divers and you will also be able to dive around a small temple immersed at a 5 m depth and serving as an underwater post office.


Located on the left side of Jemeluk Bay, this dive site is mainly used for diving courses. We notably come across a dozen statues submerged between a 5 and 18-meter depth. Greatly photogenic, those statues make for a great shelter for juvenile fish and sometimes unveil unexpected encounters (stripped pipefish, ghost pipefish, crocodilefish, green turtles…)


The Wall

This dive site is mainly accessible to experienced divers. It is reachable from the beach but can also be done as a drift dive, using a traditional Balinese fishing boat called jukung. The break of The Wall starts at 15 meters and ends between a 40 and 50-meter depth.


Pyramids is a drift dive highly appreciated by certified divers. A Balinese diving association immersed around thirty hollow pyramids on a 20m depth sandy bottom in 1995. Since then, the population of feather stars and sea fans has spectacularly increased. The Pyramids are a true shelter for juvenile fish and offer dives full of many surprising encounters. The reef that spreads along those artificial reefs will allow you to observe, among other species, green turtles and sometimes reef sharks.

Sea fans

The Japanese Wreck

Located 7km away from the “center” of Amed, this small fishing boat is immersed at a 10m depth. Although the wreck itself is not particularly interesting, the reef surrounding it is just breathtaking. You will be especially amazed by the thousands of endlessly dancing damselfish.


Only level 2/Advanced divers can access this drift dive. The dive site starts on a 5m depth sandy bottom covered with garden eels. We then drift along a gentle slope down to 40 m to meet barracuda schools. The reef is colorful and covered with sea fans, so let yourself drift away and enjoy the show.

Coral Garden

This dive site is perfect for beginners. The sandy and rocky gentle slope is home to reef stonefish, lionfish, trumpetfish, pipefish… You will also encounter a couple of statues, sunk for the entertainment of divers.