Located only a few minutes away from Abyss Dive Center Bali, Jemeluk bay is one of the most popular dive sites in Amed. Overlooked by the majestic Mount Agung, Jemeluk beach is sprinkled with the jukungs of local fishermen. Its clear waters and absence of currents make it the perfect place for a peaceful dive. It is also a famous snorkeling site, due to the shallowness of its drop-off reef. Holiday-makers can find locals renting snorkeling gear on the beach at any time. Finally, the cliff overlooking Jemeluk bay is the best place in Amed from which to admire the sunset. Don’t miss this amazing show after diving in Jemeluk Bay.

An unusual dive site in Amed, Bali

Over the last 10 years, local diving associations have been sinking statues in order to brighten up the seabed of this bay. Those statues are the perfect base for corals to grow and thrive, as well as the ecosystem that goes with them. It is also well-known around here for its underwater mailbox. You can actually take with you a waterproof postcard and post it there, it will make its way to its recipient. Can’t do this in every dive, can you?

Underwater mailbox

What will you encounter when diving in Jemeluk?

Being located in the best area to dive in Bali, the Jemeluk dive site will allow you to dive with damselfish, pretty big batfish, surgeonfish, angelfish, boxfish, coral shrimpfish, seahorses, cuttlefish, scorpionfish, stargazers, stonefish… Let us just say that the wildlife is quite lush in Jemeluk bay! And if you get lucky, you might even cross paths with a turtle or small reef sharks! Beautiful sea fans can also be spotted in Jemeluk bay.

Can I dive in Jemeluk?

Jemeluk is the perfect spot for beginners. We often take Discover Scuba Dives in Jemeluk, considering the fact that you can see cool stuff starting from a shallow depth and that there are no currents whatsoever. Therefore, divers of any capacity can easily enjoy diving in Jemeluk. We especially like to take children diving there, from age 8. It is the perfect environment to make them discover the beauty of the underwater wildlife of Amed. In only a depth of 1 meter, they can already see a great variety of species. This makes it an awesome introduction to the wonders of diving. The fact that the bay is preserved from the swell, wind, and currents also helps the little ones to enjoy their first diving experience.

Ghost pipefish

Diving conditions

Diving in Jemeluk bay is possible all year long. With a water temperature varying between 27°C and 31°C, diving in Jemeluk is always a rather enjoyable experience. You’ll only need a 3mm shorty, or even a swimsuit and a shirt, to be more than comfortable in its waters. The visibility is pretty clear all year long and can go up to 40 meters.