French diving courses and certifications are known worldwide. The French system offers two different types of courses, either in community associations or in professional dive schools. Your choice will depend on where you live and how often you wish to dive. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this topic. Abyss Dive Center Bali will offer you the best French diving courses in Bali as we are the only dive school in Amed affiliated with the FFESSM.

From level 1 to 4, our goal is to develop your skills at different depths, from being a supervised diver to being an autonomous diver, from the community associations to the professional world. With Abyss Dive Center Bali, you will be able to discover scuba diving and perfect your training with the help of our pedagogical team. French certifications give you the opportunity to adapt to an already acquired knowledge, which is why we adjust our courses to your level.

Level 1

Supervised diver 0-20 m (PE20). This scuba diving course will allow you to learn the necessary skills to be able to dive up to 20m, supervised by an instructor. This level will give you the possibility to dive everywhere in the world. The length of the course depends on your ease underwater as well as your pace of assimilation.

4 dives / 2 days / 270 euros*

6 dives / 3 days / 320 euros*

Level 2

Supervised divers from 20 to 40m and autonomous diver from 0-20 m (PE40 & PA20). This course is more technical as it is establishing autonomy in the scuba diving world, which includes, among other things, navigation and rescue of a distressed diver. It also gives divers the possibility to dive from 20 to 40 m supervised by an instructor. This level is perfect for divers who want to dive deeper, mainly to observe various wrecks, but also for divers who are looking for greater autonomy while diving.

10 dives/ 5 days / 590 euros*

Level 3

Autonomous divers from 0 to 60 m (PA60). This level has the most significant prerogatives of the fun diving world. Divers must be already experienced and accustomed to depths before entering this course, in order to be able to handle any problem during a dive. This level will allow you to reach the maximum possible depth with air.

10 dives / 5 days / 690 euros*

The acquisition of an FFESSM/CMAS certification requires an FFESSM membership. This membership has a 1-year validity and will make you benefit from liability insurance. You will also be able to join a community association of your choosing. This membership costs 36 euros.

To conclude, if you wish to join a community association, it is best for you to choose an FFESSM/CMAS course. However, choosing an ANMP/CEDIP certification will not close the associative world’s door as it is possible for you to join the FFESSM later on by paying the membership.

* prices in IDR will vary depending on the current XE rates