One of the sites that is particularly cherished by divers coming around this part of Bali is the Tulamben Drop-off. Indeed, this dive site of Tulamben has made quite a name for itself due to its extreme depth (75-80m) and the variety of its underwater ecosystem. You’ll start your dive from the beach, also quite scenic, like most beaches around here, before heading to the cliffs on your right where most of your dive will take place.

What kind of dive to expect on the Tulamben Drop-off?

Various kinds of dives can be done on this dive site of Tulamben. The first part, on the beach, is rather nice for a bit of a muck dive, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. The rocks and mucky sand bottom are full of life and will allow you to spot lots of tiny organisms and juvenile fish. This dive site is also obviously most popular for deep diving. When certified with a French PE-40 level, you can dive up to a depth of 40 meters, on a fun dive. So if you’re already certified but wouldn’t say no to go a bit deeper than usual, check out our French diving certification page and maybe consider this upgrade to your diving skillset.

What will you encounter when diving on the Tulamben Drop-off?

On the first part of the dive, don’t forget to look for the many species of nudibranchs, shrimps, and crabs hiding in the small cavities made by the rocks. Juvenile fish such as tiny lionfish and emperor angelfish also like to hang around this area, perfect to hide from predators.

When going a bit further, on the actual drop-off, you will come across big anemones and their anemonefish. Schools of sweetlips, barracudas, big map puffers, boxfish, celestial groupers, potato groupers, blue-spotted lagoon rays, ghost pipefish, scorpionfish, and lionfish can cross your path too.

The Tulamben drop-off is also home to colonies of pygmy seahorses that have taken up residence in the big sea fans that are scattered on this wall.

An electric flame scallop, also called disco clam, hides in one of the crevices of the Tulamben drop-off, very nice to observe for those who know where to find it!

Lucky divers will also sometimes spot bumphead parrotfish, reef sharks, turtles, and Napoleon wrasses.

Last but not least, you’ll finish your dive passing next to a huge school of fusiliers that always hang on the beach at a depth of 4-5 meters.


Can I dive on the Tulamben Drop-off?

The Tulamben Drop-off is open to divers of all capacities, and we will adapt the depth of your dive consequently. We often couple this dive with a dive on the USAT Liberty, considering it is located 25 minutes away from our dive shop. You will start your underwater journey on the famous shipwreck before heading to the Tulamben Drop-off, that is just a short drive away.

Diving conditions

This dive site of Tulamben is best experienced outside of the rainy season, because of the alluvium caused by the rain that reduces the visibility down to 5 meters. So try and come between March and December to enjoy visibility of up to 30 meters. A condition evaluation is a must-do before going in the water, as the current and swell sometimes render this site impracticable. The water temperature is comprised between 27°C and 30°C all year long so you’ll only need a 3mm shorty when diving on the Tulamben Drop-off.