MULtiple varied dive themes

1 guide for 2 divers*

A personalized video offered

for all certified divers (all federations)

Fun dives

If you are already a certified diver, you can access a wide range of our dives sites for Fun Dives in Amed. Drift, wrecks, deep, night, and muck dives. With Abyss Dive Center, the choice is yours! Drift are done from “jukungs“, traditional Balinese fishing boats. They have a capacity of 3 people maximum which will ensure small groups to fully enjoy your diving experience.

The different depths you can access depend on your diving certification. Fun Dives in Amed are the best way to fully discover the specific fauna and flora of each dive site.  Upon your return to the center, you will have all the time you need to research and identify the different species you were able to observe during your dives.

If you are coming to dive in Bali to see a specific species, do not hesitate to mention it so we will be able to guide you to the dive sites where you have the most chances to see it.

We offer different types of Fun Dives in Amed and Tulamben, to discover the beautiful underwater world of Bali, either from the shore or from a boat. We have a selection of dives sites in the area and our prices depend on the type of dive you will choose.


*1 guide for a maximum of 4 divers (of the same level) during the high season (from 01/04 to 30/11).

Number of dives Price
Dives from the beach (Coral garden, USAT Liberty, Drop-off, Boga, Sidem)
1.100.000 IDR
Drift dives in Amed (Jemeluk Wall & Pyramids)
1.200.000 IDR
Special drift dives (Bunutan & Japanese)
1.300.000 IDR
Muck dive Batu Belah


Dives Packages

Drift Diving Discovery Package

Our drift diving discovery package offers you a complete diving experience comprising three dives in a single day. Begin with an initial descent to the Jemeluk drop-off. This remarkable fissure starts at a depth of 15 meters and extends to a bottom ranging between 40 and 50 meters. Continue with a second dive at the Pyramids. These two drift diving experiences take place aboard Jukungs, traditional Balinese fishing boats. After these thrilling morning dives, treat yourself to a well-deserved lunch break. Then, end the day beautifully with a dive at the iconic USAT Liberty wreck. Between the morning dives, we offer a delightful break with crepes, tea, fruits, and water to recharge your energy. As for lunch, you'll have the freedom to choose your dining spot. Immerse yourself in a memorable day of underwater exploration, ranging from underwater cliffs to a historic wreck, for an unforgettable experience of Bali's marine wonders.

3 dives/1 day/1.600.000 IDR

Shore dives Discovery Package

The discovery package offers an experience of three dives per day. Firstly, an initial dive at the USAT Liberty wreck, followed by an exploration of the Tulamben drop-off, commonly known as the Drop-Off, and finally, a last dive in Jemeluk Bay. These dives are conducted from the beach, providing direct access to the sites. Between the two morning dives, we offer a break with a selection of light snacks such as crepes, tea, fruits, and water to refresh yourself. For lunch, you'll have the opportunity to freely choose where you'd like to dine.

3 dives/1 day/1.500.000 IDR

Shipwrecks Package

If shipwrecks are the one thing that makes your heartbeat when going diving, this Package is made for you! In one day, we will take you to explore the three best wrecks of the area, the USAT Liberty wreck, the Boga wreck, and the Japanese wreck. The USAT Liberty is a WWII shipwreck known all around the world for its vivid wildlife and its accessibility. The Boga shipwreck is the most recent wreck of the area, sunk on purpose for divers, and destined to be as great as the USAT Liberty once it will have been colonized entirely by underwater inhabitants. The Japanese wreck is a small fishing boat famous for its thousands of damselfish and the beauty of its surrounding reef. This Package is only available for Advanced Open Water divers, CMAS level 2 divers, PE-40 divers, or more certified divers, considering the depth and water temperature of the Boga shipwreck. Not certified enough to enjoy these dives? Check out our dive courses and consider getting your Advanced Open Water or Level 2 with us!

3 dives/1 day/1.500.000 IDR

All our dive packages are only available during the low season, from the 1st of December to the 31st of July.