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Abyss Dive Center Bali is a French scuba diving school, located on Bali’s East coast, in Amed. We opened in November 2016 and since then we have been welcoming divers all year long to help them discover the unique underwater biodiversity of Bali. Diving in Amed is a must-do when coming to Bali!

We traveled the world to find the perfect place to establish our dive school. And it’s in Amed that we found the absolute underwater heaven.

The richness of the surrounding dive sites, from the most famous shipwreck in Indonesia, the U.S.A.T Liberty, to Amed’s Coral Garden, Bunutan, and the Pyramids dive sites, will enrapture all divers, beginners or experienced. Abyss will adapt to your desires and needs, whether you are coming to do muck dives, drift dives, or wreck dives. We also offer Discover Scuba Dives from the beach, technical dives, and night dives!

Our dive center

Our diving club has quality facilities to welcome you in the best conditions. You can enjoy a spacious reception area, a swimming pool, an air-conditioned classroom, a rooftop terrace, a relaxation area and a debriefing area. We have also provided showers and a changing room to allow you to freshen up and store your personal belongings during your dives, to provide you with maximum comfort.

Team Abyss

Team Abyss dive center


Team Abyss dive center


Team Abyss dive center



Team Abyss dive center





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Team Abyss dive center


Team Abyss dive center



Team Abyss dive center


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Team Abyss dive center



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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Payment must be made no later than the day before the dives, either in cash (Indonesian rupiah or euros) or by credit card (3% additional fees will apply to cover Indonesian taxes).

  • If cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the activity (08:00 am), you will be refunded the full cost of the dives.
  • If cancellation occurs between 48 and 24 hours before the activity (08:00 am), you will not be entitled to any refund.


Changement de tarifs

Modification des tarifs à compter du 1er juin 2024.

Pour toute demande de renseignements, veuillez nous contacter.