Respect the ocean

Respecter les oceans

Respect the ocean It is important to respect the oceans when scuba diving to preserve marine biodiversity, maintain ecological balance, protect resources and dive sites for future generations. Remember that it is our responsibility to respect and protect the ocean, and every small action can make a big difference. Avoid touching or disturbing marine life […]

Muck diving

muck diving

Muck diving (macro) It’s a type of scuba diving that focuses on small marine life such as crustaceans, mollusks, and other aquatic creatures. Macro divers typically use specialized underwater cameras to capture close-up images and video of these creatures, often found in shallow waters like coral reefs and kelp forests. The diving is usually done […]

Pygmy seahorse

pygmy seahorse dive Bali

Pygmy seahorse Tiny creature lovers, this very peculiar fish will definitely make your day if you come diving with Abyss Dive Center Bali. Only discovered quite recently, because of its size and its mastery of the art of camouflage, the pygmy seahorse is a real star of the underwater world of this part of Bali. The […]