Respect the ocean

It is important to respect the oceans when scuba diving to preserve marine biodiversity, maintain ecological balance, protect resources and dive sites for future generations.

Remember that it is our responsibility to respect and protect the ocean, and every small action can make a big difference.

Respect ocean

Avoid touching or disturbing marine life

If you touch or move it, you can damage or kill living organisms and disturb the ecological balance of the area.

Don't feed the fish

Feeding marine life can disrupt their natural feeding patterns and cause them to become dependent on human-provided food. It can also lead to overpopulation and overcrowding.

Do not disturb marine wildlife by swimming too close or chasing them

Underwater animals need space to move around and breed safely. If you swim too close to them or chase them, you can scare them or cause physical damage.

Do not throw trash in the water

Garbage and litter can be dangerous to marine wildlife and can also disrupt underwater ecosystems. It is important to pick up all the trash you can find and dispose of it in the appropriate bins.

Do not use chemicals or products that are dangerous for marine life

Chemicals, such as mosquito repellents, sunscreens and cleaners, can be dangerous to marine life. It is important to use ecological and environmentally friendly products to avoid any harm to marine life.