The octopus is a cephalood mollusc that has 8 arms with suction cups and a powerful beak to catch and eat its prey.

Did you know ?

  • Octopuses have a relatively short lifespan, often 1-2 years.
  • It is considered one of the most intelligent invertebrates in the animal kingdom.
  • It is able to process a large amount of sensory information and can even learn by observation. It can imitate other marine animals.
  • The octopus is able to regenerate quickly in case of injury. If one of its arms is cut off, it can regrow it within a few weeks.
  • They are very agile and fast in the water, which enables them to hunt their prey effectively.
  • The octopus is able to camouflage itself by using pigments in its skin to mimic the appearance of its environment and communicate with other octopuses.

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